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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Sparky’s Notes – December 28, 2016


sparkynotesArticles in this issue:

Happy New Years
Happy Anniversary
Dublin Branch’s Holiday Dinner
Avoiding Winter Weight Gain



May you be blessed with all the wonderful things that life has to offer in 2017. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!


happy Holidays january

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to our fellow employees on their anniversary with the team! We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success; and for this, we stand by our saying that we have “Simply the Best People” here at Collins Electrical Company, Inc.! Thank you for all you do!

30 Years

Mark Thompson                             1/19                        Superintendent                                 Metro Branch

18 Years

Jeremy Norton                                1/2                          Electrician                                         Metro Branch

17 Years

Joshua Cullum                                1/3                           Electrician                                        Metro Branch

16 Years

Joshua House                                 1/31                         Electrician                                        Metro Branch

13 Years

Eric M. Tonnesen                            1/20                         Branch Manager                              Marina Branch

10 Years

Elizabeth Finch                                1/17                        CAD/BIM Designer                          Corporate

Edward Tait                                      1/22                        Estimator                                         Sacramento Branch

9 Years

Pedro Ortega                                    1/15                       Shop/Delivery Driver                       Marina Branch

5 Years

Krishneel Prasad                             1/31                       IT Helpdesk Technician                   Corporate

4 Years

Rachel Shoemake                         1/7                            Electrician                                        Dublin Branch 

3 Years

Frank Felipe                                      1/6                         Electrician                                       Dublin Branch

Rick Henry                                         1/21                      Branch Manager                             Dublin Branch 

2 Years

Roberto Zavala                               1/16                         Electrician                                       Fresno Branch

1 Year

Brie Niewald                                     1/4                         Payroll Supervisor                          Corporate

Daniel Dhanota                                1/18                       Junior Estimator                            Sacramento Branch

Dustin Tarap                                       1/25                     Estimator                                       Corporate

Sannying Vang                                   1/25                     Payroll Administrator                    Corporate

*Please note, the years of service listed above are based off of the employee’s continuous years of service; and if applicable, more recent hire date. This may or may not reflect a transition from field to office or vice versa.


Dublin Branch’s Holiday Dinner

The Dublin branch hosted a Christmas Party at On the Border. Prizes were given to the person with the “Ugliest Sweater” and “Most Festive”.

Group Picture small Joe Baez

Ugliest Sweater winner: Joe Baez

Most Festive winner: Rachel Shoemake

Wes Kyle won a 55” 4k HD TV (donated by Alameda Electric)

Dirk Kohlmeyer won an autographed Jerry Rice helmet (donated by Independent Electric)

Joe Baez won a Milwaukee cordless tool kit (donated by Independent Electric)

Dirk Kohlmeyersmall               Wes Kylesmall2

Thank you to all the vendors who donated: Alameda Electric, CST, DeWalt, Mobile Module, Independent Electric, Sunstate Equipment Rental, Tomarco, and White Cap.

Attached is a group Christmas party photos, starting from the left

Back: Bob Sobrero, Larry Nelson, Joe Baez, Deborah Summers, Rick Henry, Dirk Kohlmeyer, Wes Kyle, and Toby Bekker

Front: John Bangert, Joe Ortiz, Rachel Shoemake, and Alan Barsi


Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

winter weight scaleMost of us are well aware that the weight we put on each year appears in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  But did you know that research shows that those holiday pounds don’t go away after New Year’s?  That is why holiday weight gain is considered a major contributor to obesity. Though most people gain one or two pounds during the holidays, people who are overweight or obese tend to gain more. So go easy over the next few weeks. Below are some tips to guide you.  Pick one or two that you think could make the greatest impact.

Do the Math

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, remember that math really is your friend. The trick to eating what you want without putting on the pounds is making sure calories in are less than calories out. When you want a treat, balance extra calories (for example, 100 calories for a glass of wine or a cookie) with exercise to burn it off, like taking a 30-minute walk. Apps like My Fitness Pal can help you keep track of calories consumed and burned and help support you in reaching your goals.

Use a Small Plate

You may be able to trick yourself into eating sensibly. Smaller plates encourage smaller portions, which means you eat less. Research shows that people eat almost 60 percent less when they put their food on smaller dishes. “We eat as much with our eyes as with our stomach,” says Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Eat Your Way to Happiness. When it’s smaller, your plate looks fuller. The result: You’ll eat less but feel just as satisfied.  Give it a try.  Use luncheon plates for dinner.  And serve meals out of the kitchen rather than putting the food on the table—you’re more aware of what you’re eating, when you have to get up to fill your plate.

Stay Hydrated

Are you known to stuff yourself silly at the dinner table?  Here’s a trick — drink water first. Research shows that people who drank two glasses of water before sitting down to a meal ate nearly 100 fewer calories per meal (that could be 300 calories a day!). People often mistake hunger for thirst, so if you’re craving food, try drinking a glass of water before rummaging through the fridge.  And if you’re celebrating with alcoholic beverages, try sipping a glass of water between downing each drink.

 Count Your Steps

Need a little nudge to get off your butt?  Dust off your pedometer or charge up your fitness tracker.  Keeping track of steps can be a real motivator that can even result in weight loss. Clip it on and aim to walk 10,000 steps every day. Research shows that setting goals and logging your daily steps can increase how much you walk by 1.25 miles a day. Get your coworkers or family involved and turn it into a healthy competition. Whoever logs the most steps by the end of the year collects $10 — or some other type of reward — from each participant.

 Eat Regular Meals

Saving up all of your calories so you can eat what you want at the holiday party is old school.  Skipping meals before the big fete might seem like a smart idea, but it’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll be so hungry by the time you arrive that you won’t care what you shove in your mouth.  Rather start the day with a healthy breakfast — one that combines complex carbohydrates and protein, which will tide you over for longer. A piece of whole-wheat toast and an egg is a good option.  Then eat a healthy lunch—like soup with some lean protein– to keep you satiated until the party.

Don’t Stand by the Buffet Table

Lingering unnecessarily at the buffet table tempts us to throw caution and calories to the wind.  Instead, take small portions of the foods you really want, then back away from the buffet table.  If possible, turn around so that you are not facing the spread of holiday goodies or go into another room.  Consider making a pack with yourself that if you return to the buffet, you will load up only on the healthier items along with one small favorite unhealthy thing.