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Sparky’s Notes January 16, 2017


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How to Stay On Track For The New Year
Golden Bear
Wells Fargo at Work

Wellness Newsletter


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Start Small & Easy. You want to set yourself up for success. Setting up small goals that you can accomplish will help to reinforce behaviors that support your long term goal as well as provide you with a sense of control. An example would be, if you’re trying to get fit start by walking for 10 minutes a day for the first week and then increase it from there. The same can be applied to healthy eating habits. Start by eating at least 1 healthy meal for 2 weeks and then add another heathy meal to your daily routine.

Start Early. Most people have more energy earlier in the day. Take advantage of this by exercising in the morning or afternoon. Another great way to kick start your day is by having a healthy and filling breakfast. Breakfast will boost your metabolism and provide you with energy throughout the day.

Make It Fun. When you make it fun you’re more likely to stick with it. We protest and reject hard, laborious, and unpleasant tasks and embrace those that are fun. If you dread the gym, then try to find a fun exercise program. Maybe it’s an outdoor boot camp or biking along a scenic route. If you want to develop better eating habits but don’t like the taste of healthy food, then take a cooking class. These also promote social interaction and provide good information and they’re also fun!

Forget the All or Nothing Mentality. Good health isn’t all or nothing; every salad, green juice and exercise counts. Some people often feel like they have to give up everything they enjoy in order to be healthy, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Take small steps toward a better health each day, and eventually things like exercising and eating vegetables will become habits instead of chores.

Track Your Non Scale Victories. Measure your success by how you feel, how your clothes fit or how much stronger you are. The scale may not reflect these victories, so don’t let the scale dictate your feeling of success or accomplishment.
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Golden Bear – Cherished Moments with Brian

Brian and Guy Lawson at Golden Bear Water Front 011317


Brian Gini and Guy Lawson (Metro Branch Foreman) having a “taster’s choice” moment by the Golden Bear Water Front project in Stockton! As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it”.


Wells Fargo At Work

The Wells Fargo At Work program can help you keep your financial priorities on track with helpful education, tools, and options. Take advantage of benefits offered through Wells Fargo, including:

  • Complimentary financial workshops at company locations*
  • Mobile and online courses and resources available 24/7
  • Financial options, including relationship loan discounts
  • Online, mobile, phone and branch access to conveniently manage your everyday banking needs

To find out more, stop by any Wells Fargo branch, call 1-800-WFB-OPEN (1-800-932-6736), or go to

Below is a free budgeting tool kit from Wells Fargo to download the tool kit click here

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