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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Healdsburg WWTP Floatovoltaic Solar System

ClientHealdsburg Water Treatment
PV Asset OwnerWhite Pines Renewables
LocationHealdsburg, CA
Size4.78MW DC
Schedule4 Months
ArchitectCollins Electrical Company, Inc.
EngineerPV Amps

Project Summary

Installation of 4,780,600 W DC (4.7MWDC) floating solar (floatovoltaics) PV system at Healdsburg Water Treatment plant. The system floats on 2 collecting ponds at the facility and consists of 11,660 – 410-Watt PV modules. Floating solar helps minimize the evaporation of the pond, helps control algae and makes use of otherwise wasted space. Designed and built by Collins. The facility has a special requirement of needing to inspect the pond liner at both ponds in a 5-year period, we designed arrays that can be decoupled and repositioned – this would allow the owners to drain the pond and inspect the liner – all while the system still produces power from the sun. At the time of completion, it was the largest floatovoltaics system in the USA.