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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Sacramento Based Company

ClientSacramento Based Company
LocationSacramento, CA
Scope of Work1.16 MW
Schedule2 Months
General ContractorsSiemens Building Technologies
EngineerBlue Oak Energy

Project Summary

Collins Electrical Company, Inc. was proud to participate in the 1.16 MW solar installations in Sacramento, CA. The project consisted of 2,744 Sharp 235 waG panels for a carport system size of 644,840 KW and 2,174 Sharp 235KW panels for the roof mount system size of 510,890Kw. The project commenced on 5/15/2010 and was completed on 7/15/2010, The scope of work was comprised of a complete Balance of System for the carport arrays, installation of distribution gear, inverters, and Customer Interconnection.