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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

TID Almond 2 Power Plant

OwnerTurlock Irrigation District
LocationModesto, CA
Scope of Work4.6 Acres
Schedule30 Months
General ContractorPerformance Mechanical, Inc.
EngineerCH2M Hill

Project Summary

Almond 2 Power Plant (A2PP) located on a 4.6-acre parcel adjacent to the existing 48 megawatt (MW) TID Almond Power Plant (A1PP). The site is an industrial area, 2 miles from the Ceres city center and 5 miles from Modesto. A2PP is a natural-gas fired, simple-cycle peaking facility rated at a gross generating capacity of 174 megawatts (MW). Primary equipment for the generating facility includes three 58-MW General Electric LM6000PG turbines equipped with a water injection system to the turbine in order to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) formaTon, and a selective catalytic reduction system to further control NOx emissions. Power is transmitted to the grid at 115 kilovolts (kV) through two new transmission lines which connects to the proposed Grayson Substation that is located approximately 3,300 feet from A2PP. A2PP receives processed water from the Ceres Wastewater Treatment Plant through an existing pipeline at A1PP, as well as service water for domestic use provided by existing onsite water well. Expansion of the existing natural gas service was required for the proposed project.