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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Commercial Electrical Services

Design Build

One thing that sets Collins Electrical apart is our extraordinary strength and excellence in the area of design build services. Using the latest in web-based technology and highly skilled and experienced engineering and design personnel, we are capable of coordinating the entire process from concept to completion.

Offering accelerated delivery, we are always willing to work closely with architectural or other engineering firms to provide complete electrical design. Our design build teams can provide constructability reviews, cost control reviews and systematic reviews of the engineering process from blueprint through construction.

Design Assist

Collins Electrical uses an experienced approach to Design Assist projects with our in-house design capabilities and expertise. Primary engineering and design (Engineer of Record) remains the responsibility of an outside engineering entity. CECI will offer review, suggestions, coordination, management and quality control/compliance.

We also provide all CADD details and elevations for electrical rooms, specialty equipment rough-in, and special systems for approval, sign off, and distribution to other trades prior to the scheduling of those specific areas of work. We have found this method to be extremely beneficial to the entire design team as well as other construction trades involved in the project.

We have interpreted our design-assist scope of work as consisting of the following:

  • Provide early review of the specifications and design narrative with appropriate questions and scope clarification
  • Provide analysis of all possible scope gray areas in terms of access, feasibility, and risk
  • Provide review of schematic design while offering suggestions and/or comments regarding past history of similar projects
  • Provide potential cost-savings analysis of design and layout of devices
  • Provide early coordination with other trades (mostly mechanical)
  • Provide light fixture specification analysis and alternatives with various manufacturers for review by the engineer, architect, and owner
  • Provide detailed layout and dimensions of electrical rooms and panel locations
  • Provide trade coordination and overlay drawings for all critical areas with power and special systems
  • Provide coordination with owners and owners consultants for all specialty equipment
  • Provide as-built drawings while maintaining updated sets throughout project


At Collins Electrical we believe preconstruction is one of the keys to a successful project. The more we see up front the better we can plan for the future. More questions asked earlier, means we can better assist our customers in controlling and/or mitigating costs.

In order to finish projects on time and within budget, preconstruction is the mentality at Collins.

  • Project leads are brought to the table early to review drawings to ask questions early.
  • Estimator turn over meetings.
  • Project material lead time is reviewed.
  • Contract review process.
  • Project construct-ability is reviewed.


Prefabrication saves the customer time and money. Collins Electrical uses prefabrication means and methods to shave days required for tasks. This provides our customers with a final product that is ready for occupancy sooner.

Our proprietary prefabrication systems are thought out and custom tailored to a project’s schedule requirements. This also aids in virtually zero product failures (assemblies are bench-tested in house), reduction in job site clean up requirements, and less scrap waste.

Prefab Capabilities:

  • Pre-bend conduits
  • Pre-assembled underground conduit stubs ups
  • Large underslab conduit skids
  • Overhead racks/supports
  • In wall rough assemblies
  • Ductbank assemblies
  • Custom wire spooling
  • Material kitting
  • Custom temporary power solutions
  • Pre-whipped and tested light fixtures
  • Prefabricated electrical panels

See what Collins Electrical Prefab can do for you!

Energy Services

Collins Electrical can provide energy usage optimization and energy efficiency review services to new and existing buildings.

With today’s limited resources (economic and natural), efficient consumption of electrical utility is a priority. Efficient and non-wasteful energy usage, not only saves costs, but also reduces the impact we have on our natural environment. Collins can provide energy review services to get your business “green” and save you green!

Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Collins Electrical Company is one of the leading contractors in the large scale Photovoltaics (PV) electrical energy production system installations in California.

Photovoltaics (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar energy to electrical energy. Due to an increased demand for energy, photovoltaic systems and components have changed and advanced considerably in recent years. Collins Electrical has highly trained technicians that stay ahead of this fast changing technology in order to engineer, manage and install these systems.

Service and Maintenance

Collins Electrical employs highly skilled service technicians who can quickly identify electrical problems, troubleshoot the problems and get our customers back online. We take pride in getting our customers back online and making money.

We use the latest tools and testing instruments to quickly identify electrical problems and get resolve them in the safest and most economical way.

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Traffic Signal and Street Lighting

Collins Electrical is the trusted name in Traffic Signal and Street Lighting installation in the Central Valley and Northern California. Our traffic crews are skilled at executing all traffic signal and street lighting needs to city standards…safely, on time and within budget.

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