For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI
For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Why Work at Collins?

Why Work at Collins?… because we are Simply the Best!

The history of a company is important, but it usually is not a clear picture of who the company is now.
Collins Electrical Company has evolved since it’s beginning in 1924 to what it is today, which is a $100+ million dollar per year Electrical Contractor headquartered in Stockton California. Today Collins Electrical Company has six Branch Offices located in Sacramento, Stockton, Dublin, Modesto, Fresno, and Monterey, but that’s only the where, but the WHO is the important part.

The big difference between us and other similar contractors is we have “Simply the Best People”. While this is easy to say, it’s more difficult to quantify.

  • I’m proud to say I’ve worked with Collins Electrical for 16 years. It is the best electrical contractor in the Central Valley.

    Josh Cullum
    Foreman Electrician, Stockton
  • I would recommend Collins Electrical to everyone seeking an opportunity to learn, share in the growth of the entire team and prosper in more ways than simply financial.

    Denny L. Kennedy
    Project Manager, West Sacramento
  • Collins Electrical is the best company I have worked for. The Gini’s truly care for their employees in both a personal and professional level.

    Donny McGee
    Senior Estimator, West Sacramento
  • Collins Electrical was first found in 1928 and has created a great reputation. You can make a good life for yourself working with Collins Electrical.

    Johnny Salas
    Tool Technician, Stockton
  • I joined Collins Electrical because they show great business ethics and deliver outstanding service.

    Elaine Alcones
    Administrative Assistant, Stockton


“Simply the Best People” means a company that cares about their employees that provide great benefits that goes the extra mile when required, and that appreciates the employees for what they contribute. A good example of that is the number of people who have been with the company for long periods of time. The number of people who have retired with 30 plus years plus years is astounding, and many have been here 40 plus years. That says a lot about a company.



“Simply the Best People” means education for the field and office staff. Collins Electrical Company is an industry Leader nationally in providing education of the latest techniques in management, productivity, technical and operational safety skills available. We were the first Electrical Contractor nationally to have all of our Project Manager, Project Coordinators, Superintendents, Foremen, Journeymen, and other management staff to complete and pass all three levels of Effective Project Supervision (EPS) training, which is close to 25000 hours of classroom time in our Branches combined.



“Simply the Best People” means excellence in all facets of the business. A recently new program for both management and field people developed by the National Association of Electrical Contractors (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is the “Code of Excellence”. This requires that both parts of company, the Field and the Management workers, have successfully completed a series for training classes, which include the aforementioned EPS, plus OSHA -10, OSHA 30, NFPA 70E, 1st Aid/CPR, Equipment Operations, Harassment Training, Fall protections, and each electrician must be State Certified. Again Collins Electrical Company is the leader, with more people meeting the “Code of Excellence” standards than any other Electrical Contractor nationally.



“Simply the Best People” means outstanding productivity through advancements in methods of application of time and material. As a company always looking to improve working conditions and improve productivity, we became part of a study group on office and field operations. What we learned was the more planning we did in the beginning of a project, the more successful we became. It started with improving Pre Job Planning, which gets everyone, including the Foreman, involved in the project from day one has continued with incorporating Pre Fabrication of materials to improve on the installations time, and comes to completion with a Post Job evaluation which provides information to improve our processes.



“Simply the Best People” means specialty expertise in different arenas. Years ago Collins Electrical Company anticipated the growth in the Health Care Industry, and made the commitment to become a leader among Electrical Contractors in this field. We have completed over 1,000,000 man-hours of Health Care Industry work.  While the variety of work spans Institutional, Industrial, Health Care, Commercial, Energy, and Preventative Maintenance we have always taken the same approach. Which is to have “Simply the Best People” to do the job.