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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

100 Years of Collins Electrical Company, Inc.


Celebrates a Century of Excellence: 100 Years of Powering Progress

As Collins Electrical Company, Inc. (CECI) prepares to celebrate its centennial milestone in April 2024, the company proudly reflects on a remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to its core values. Since its inception in 1924, Collins Electrical has been a driving force in the electrical industry, and as it marks a century of accomplishments, the spotlight is firmly on the dedicated employees who have played an integral role in shaping the company’s legacy.

From humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the electrical solutions sector, CECI attributes its success to the exceptional team of individuals who have exemplified the company’s core values every step of the way. These values – Family, Loyalty, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Social Consciousness, and Respect for People – have been the guiding principles that define Collins Electrical’s culture.

Family: A Foundation of Strength

Collins Electrical’s journey is a testament to the strength of its extended family – a community of employees, customers, and partners who have been an integral part of the company’s growth. The bonds forged within the Collins Electrical family have created a supportive and collaborative environment, fostering a sense of belonging that extends beyond the workplace.

Loyalty: Building Long-lasting Relationships

The longevity of Collins Electrical is a testament to the loyalty that has characterized relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers. The company recognizes and celebrates the commitment of its team, many of whom have been with the organization for decades, contributing their skills and expertise to its success.

Integrity: A Commitment to Honesty and Transparency

Integrity has been the bedrock of Collins Electrical’s business practices. The company has consistently operated with honesty and transparency, earning the trust of clients and partners alike. This commitment to integrity has been a driving force behind long-term relationships and sustained success.

Passionate: Driving Excellence through Enthusiasm

Collins Electrical’s success story is fueled by the passion of its workforce. The company has always encouraged a culture of enthusiasm and dedication, inspiring employees to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Innovative: Pioneering the Future of the Electrical Industry

Innovation has been at the heart of Collins Electrical’s evolution over the past century. The company has consistently embraced new technologies and methodologies, staying at the forefront of the industry, and delivering progressive solutions to its clients.

Socially Conscious: Making a Positive Impact

Collins Electrical is not just a business; it is a responsible corporate citizen. The company takes pride in its commitment to social responsibility, engaging in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the communities it serves. Whether through sustainability efforts or community outreach, Collins Electrical continues to make a positive impact beyond its core business.

Respect for People: Valuing Every Contribution

Collins Electrical recognizes and values the unique contributions of each team member. The company’s success is a collective achievement, and the respect for people extends to every individual who has played a role, big or small, in the journey to the centennial milestone.

Collins Electrical Company, Inc. looks forward to the next century of powering progress with a continued commitment to excellence, innovation, and the values that have been the foundation of its success. Sempre Avanti!

100 Years of Excellence

As we look back on 100 years of service, we recognize all the dedication of our employees and customers who made this celebration possible.