Preconstruction and Prefabrication - Collins Electrical

Preconstruction and Prefabrication


At Collins Electrical we believe preconstruction is one of the keys to a successful project. The more we see up front the better we can plan for the future. More questions asked earlier, means we can better assist our customers in controlling and/or mitigating costs.

In order to finish projects on time and within budget, preconstruction is the mentality at Collins.

  • Project leads are brought to the table early to review drawings to ask questions early.
  • Estimator turn over meetings.
  • Project material lead time is reviewed.
  • Contract review process.
  • Project construct-ability is reviewed.


Prefabrication saves the customer time and money. Collins Electrical uses prefabrication means and methods to shave days required for tasks. This provides our customers with a final product that is ready for occupancy sooner.

Our proprietary prefabrication systems are thought out and custom tailored to a project’s schedule requirements. This also aids in virtually zero product failures (assemblies are bench-tested in house), reduction in job site clean up requirements, and less scrap waste.

See what Collins Electrical Prefab can do for you!

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