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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Wen Luu

Wen Luu

Renewables General Manager

Wen Luu’s journey with Collins Electrical Company, Inc. (CECI) began in 2000, when he joined as a Construction Management Intern from the University of the Pacific, marking the start of an impressive career. Currently, Wen serves as the Renewables General Manager. In this role, he effectively manages all employees in our renewables sector, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional results.

Prior to assuming the role of Renewables General Manager, Wen held various key positions within the company, showcasing his versatility, commitment, and leadership. From Intern to Jr. Project Manager, Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager, and finally Renewables Project Executive.

With a wealth of experience exceeding two decades, Wen has honed his skills in electrical construction, design, and specialty construction. Throughout his career, he played an instrumental role in numerous prominent projects across the Central Valley, Bay Area, and Sacramento area. Some notable projects include the Stockton Events Center (Arena and Ballpark), Simpson Strong-Tie, St. Joseph’s Medical Center (Women and Children’s Pavilion), Freeport Water Intake Facility, University of the Pacific (John T. Chambers Building), Crystal Springs Pumping Station for SFPUC, Mountain House High School, UC Merced 2020, and Healdsburg and Windsor Water Treatment Facility Floating Solar Photovoltaic System.

Wen graduated from the University of the Pacific, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management with a concentration in Electrical. In addition to his formal education, Wen holds the esteemed distinction of being a LEED Accredited Professional/Associate from DBIA, as well as certifications from CALCTP, which further attest to his expertise and dedication to professional growth.

What is your favorite destination? Hawaii in the summer and Tahoe in the winter.

Favorite quote? Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.

First car? Mazda Miata, but real men call them Mazda MX-5s!

Coolest project you have ever worked on? Crystal Springs Pump Station (new pump station at a 100-year-old facility, in the middle of mother nature, in the non-public access side of state-owned land).

Would you rather be able to teleport or be invisible? Teleport all day!

Why do you think people like working at CECI? #1 If you take the initiative and want to grow, Collins will help you grow.
#2 Would be the culture: Family feel and working with peers who share a common goal.

Favorite company core value? Innovative, we strive to keep ahead of the industry, and I think we do a great job at it.

Pets? Breed, names? Logan’s pet, but mine by default. A “female” beta fish named Shakira, that became Skakir-O after I found out “she” is actually a “he”.