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For 24 Hour Emergency Services Call 1-833-787-CECI

Fresno Clovis Regional Wastewater Recreational Facilities

OwnerCity of Fresno
LocationFresno, CA
Scope of Work10,000 Square Feet
Schedule3 Years
General ContractorJ.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc.
ArchitectCarollo Engineers
EngineerCarollo Engineers

Project Summary

Regional Waste Water Reclamation Facilities – Installation of Electrical, LV Systems & Instrumentation: Modifications and additions to Fresno/Clovis regional wastewater reclamation facilities. Primary effluent splitting structure, 2-aeration basins, 4-secondary sedimentation basins, 1-digester control building, 1-RAS/WAS pump station, secondary scum pump station, 1- tank drain pump station, new blowers in an existing building, mod’s to existing DAFTS, distributed control system, & all the associated piping & appurtenances to make the facility complete & useable.” Demolition & Modifications are an aspect to this project. The 12kv power lines & 12kv power lines are to be salvaged. The plant is to stay in operation during construction.