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White Pine Renewables Completes Largest Floating Solar Farm in the U.S.

White Pine Renewables 
Mar 03, 2021, 11:15 ET

HEALDSBURG, Calif., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — White Pine Renewables is pleased to announce the completion of the Healdsburg Floating Solar Project. The project will deliver clean energy to the City of Healdsburg, Calif., under a 25-year power purchase agreement. At 4.78 MW(dc) and sited on ponds at the City’s wastewater treatment plant, the project is the largest floating solar project completed in the United States to date.  

The electricity generated by the project will cover approximately 8% of the City’s total energy demand and is an important part of the City’s plan to reach 60% renewable energy before 2030. Additionally, siting the solar panels on the ponds avoids using land for the project and will reduce evaporation and algae growth, benefitting the surrounding vineyards that rely on the treated water for irrigation.

The Healdsburg Floating Solar Project was developed and is operated by White Pine Renewables. “This project exemplifies what differentiates White Pine,” said White Pine CEO Evan Riley. “We combined innovative technology and an efficient capital structure to provide long-term savings to the City of Healdsburg.”

Noria Energy co-developed the project with White Pine and Collins Electrical Company, Inc., a California-based construction contractor, provided installation services.  The Healdsburg project was completed in less than six months from procurement to commissioning.

Terry Crowley, Utility Director for the City of Healdsburg, described the project as “a cornerstone of the City’s long-term plan to save money on energy costs and provide City electric customers with 60% renewable energy.”  Crowley added that he “greatly appreciated the collaborative partnership between White Pine, Noria, and Collins Electrical to deliver the project safely, efficiently and in an extremely short period of time.”

Noria’s CEO Jon Wank noted that the Noria-White Pine partnership “leveraged Noria’s experience in floating solar technology and White Pine’s development experience to create a project that delivers low-cost renewable energy while creating environmental benefits.”

While still a small portion of the overall solar market, floating PV is becoming increasingly popular because of its dual land use purpose and generally higher energy production due to the cooling effects of water and wind.

About White Pine Renewables:

White Pine Renewables is a renewable energy development company that provides competitively priced, long-term PPAs to leading commercial, industrial and public-sector customers. Focusing on projects ranging from 1 to 20 MW(dc), White Pine originates, develops, finances and operates projects throughout the U.S., with key areas of focus in California and the Midwest. Learn more at

About Noria Energy:

Noria Energy is a leader in floating solar technology in the United States and Latin America. Since 2018, Noria has been dedicated to optimizing the design of solar PV systems guaranteeing affordable long-term power to clients and enabling them to transition to clean, renewable energy. Noria is currently developing 300+MW of solar projects serving wastewater treatment plants, industrial customers, hydroelectric powerplants, among others. For more information, visit

About The City of Healdsburg:

For over 100 years the City of Healdsburg has operated a publicly owned electric utility for the benefit of its community members. To meet the City goals to provide clean renewable and carbon-free energy to Healdsburg residents, the City sought qualified solar developers to construct an economical floating solar at the City’s wastewater treatment plant. In completing this project, the City is able to meet 8% of the City energy needs with local solar generation.

SOURCE White Pine Renewables

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