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Mariposa Energy Plant

OwnerDiamond Generating Corp/Mariposa Energy, LLC
LocationByron, CA
Scope of Work9.6 Acres
Schedule21 Months
General ContractorsCH2M Hill (LG Constructors)
ArchitectCH2M Hill (LG Constructors)
EngineerCH2M Hill (LG Constructors)

Project Summary

Temporary power, underground and Installation of conduit, wiring, bus duct & balance of plant equipment for (4) new GE LM6000 gas turbine generators 51MV at 13.8KV, our GSU 42/56/70 MVA step up transformers 13.8KV to 230KV, and support facilities. Installation of conduit, wiring, equipment lighting & systems (instrumentation, controls, camera, security, fire alarm and public address) for new power plant, administration and warehouse.