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Mechatron dual-axis trackers installed at California electrical contractor’s headquarters


Dual-axis tracking manufacturer Mechatron-Solar is pleased to announce a new partnership with Collins Electrical Company for the installation of a dual-axis tracker M18KD on the south side of

Collins’ corporate headquarters in Stockton, California. This is the first installation of tracking equipment by Collins which demonstrates the company’s commitment to the gearless dual-axis technology offered by Mechatron for over 10 years in Europe and the United States.

The particular tracker will produce 34 kW from 90 Yingli solar modules and a  Canadian Solar inverter. The tracker is remotely monitored by Mechatron’s management platform utilizing enhanced software tools like remote rebooting, maintenance checkup, diagnostics and remote operations.

The expected energy yielding of the solar array based on PVSyst calculations is over 2,510 kWh annually.

The Mechatron-Collins partnership plans to disrupt the commercial, industrial and governmental business sectors offering advanced performance and highest return of investment (ROI) solar systems that utilize the M18KD dual-axis tracker.

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