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Sparky’s Notes April 24, 2017


In this issue:

Happy Birthday Greeting to Gene Gini
Real Voices: Wiring Women & Female Executives contribute to Leading the Electrical Construction Field
“Collins Electrical Company, Inc. – we do anything to get the job done!”
Corporate Employee Update
We welcome back Josh Salazar to our Design Team
A Night at the River Cats Game
It’s Collins’ Selfies!

Happy Birthday Greeting to Gene Gini


A big “Happy Birthday” to our President and CEO, GENE GINI!

No one exhibits Collins Electrical Company, Inc’s Core Values of Passion, Integrity, Loyalty, Reliability, Innovation, Social-Consciousness, and Family like our own President and CEO, Gene Gini.

Gene has taken our company to new heights and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and happy birthday!


Real Voices: Wiring Women & Female Executives Lead the Electrical Construction Field

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, only 8.9 percent of construction workers are women. In other words, construction is an industry near the top of the “super male-dominated industries” spectrum. As a company who values diversity, Collins Electrical Company, Inc. is proud to have so many women in leadership roles and throughout the company. In March, in celebration of International Women’s Month, we sat down with six of our women leaders and asked them about their unique perspective on the industry. Last week we shared the stories of Collins Electrical’s Deborah Summers and Angela Bennet. This week we profile Melanee Euless and Gorgina Halaufia.

Melanee Euless, Office Manager

Melanee Euless

Did you encounter any gender role stereotypes early on in your career? Do you believe gender role stereotypes still exist in this present day in the construction industry?

I have from a salary stand point, with opportunities within the industry but overtime it has gotten better but in certain positions in the industry we do not see enough females and this does need to change.
In other cases it still comes from the customers, vendors and older generation of electrician side. Throughout the years in the contracting and distribution side, I felt as if I was brushed off and my ideas didn’t matter but I have learned to pick and choose my battles to a degree. We have great leaders and management in Collins, which strives to make our positions as women equal and fair.

What skills have helped you succeed?

This industry is a growing one, it changes daily and you have to change with it. You have to evolve with the changes in time and it’s a constant learning experience that you have to remember. Having performed in several roles over my 28 years of experience, being a multi-tasker allowed me to consume multiple rolls in the Fresno Branch. From accounting A/R, A/P, Purchasing, Estimating, Running the Service Dept., Office Manager, Payroll, Warehouse and so much more. I project a strong confident persona but I am just a scared person trying to please everyone. I’ve learned though to always ask questions, even though you feel deep in your heart it might be a silly one; and honestly no question is silly. Anticipate what the management, field staff and office staff needs/ wants (I’m known as “Radar” to many), being proactive and a good observer

What recommendations do you have for other women in the industry or women trying to get involved? How do we get more women involved?

My advice for anyone is training, education but also don’t be afraid to take on opportunities in other areas within Collins (Think outside the box). Nothing is handed to us as individuals, it takes hard work, dedication, a focus on what/where we want to be within the industry and/or whatever business we are in or choose.

Gorgina Halaufia, Apprentice

How did you get into this line of work?

I grew up around it. My father was a commercial electrician in Utah and moved us out to CA in the late 80’s. He started his own electrical company with his brothers. When on break from school and free from our extracurricular activities, my siblings, cousins and I got to work with our dads. As I got older, this felt more like a chore. After years of working in retail, clerical, dispatch and more, I eventually found my way back into the family business. It wasn’t the old “go to work with dad” to keep busy and make some money. It became something I actually wanted to do and could see myself doing for years to come. My father encouraged me to join the apprenticeship for the educational aspects of the trade, hands on experience outside of residential and of course the money and benefits!

Did you encounter any gender role stereotypes early on in your career? Do you believe they still exist in this present day in the construction industry?

Anytime it comes to lifting or carrying things that look a little heavy, I am pushed aside so someone else can grab it. I do not wish to be excluded from any team efforts, I am aware of what I am capable of and of my limits. I have a gel manicure, eyebrows tattooed and eyelash extensions, these are NOT an indication that I am intimidated by hard work and getting my hands dirty!

What skills have helped you succeed?

My interpersonal skills: ability to listen, willingness to learn have been key factors in this journey. It’s said that success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey; and I’m enjoying this ride.

For other women in the industry or women trying to get involved:

We need to raise awareness to those still in the educational systems by squashing any misconceptions that this is just “man’s work”.

Collins Electrical Company, Inc. – We Do Anything to Get the Job Done


 Yes, at Collins we literally do whatever it takes to get the job done!


A Fond Farewell and A Welcome

The Collins Electrical Company, Inc Team would like to wish a fond farewell to Karyn Nieman, our Chief Officer of First Impressions (aka, Metro Front Desk Administration).  Karyn has been a Blessing to each and every one of us in the office and we all wish her a great and bountiful life to come!

Gaby (left) and Karyn (right)

Please help us welcome Cecilia “Gabby” Gonzalez, who will be our new Front Desk Administration.

Gabby has worked in customer service since she was eighteen and most recently was at the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel for the past 2 years.

I look forward to the friendly environment here at Collins. I have received nothing but encouragement and help from everyone. I love to read English literature, watch history documentaries, and thrift shop on the weekends. My name is Cecilia Gabriela Gonzalez and I prefer Gabby!

Next time you stop by or call the Corporate office, please stop by and welcome Gabby to the team!


We welcome back Josh Salazar to our Design Team

Please welcome Josh Salazar to our Design team. Josh is our new CAD/BIM Designer. He has worked in the Electrical Industry for 13 years and for 9 of those years working directly in BIM/VDC.Josh Salazar1.1

I worked with Collins for a short while prior to my return and enjoyed the Collins work ethic and pride it has for all its projects, not to mention how Collins treats its employees. I love the companies family atmosphere and how Collins takes care of there employees it is a high priority, more than I have ever seen.  I look forward to helping Collins in any way I can with BIM/VDC & PreFab.


A Night at the River Cats Game

River Cats Game 20170419
Henry Ales, Steve Larsen, Juaquina Guerra, Chris Elrod

A great night out for the West Sacramento office and guys from Flint Builders at the River Cats Game  on 4/19/17


It’s Collins’ Selfies!

Even though we work hard, we play hard too. Every week we’ll show off a selfie of our most important resource: the Collins Electrical staff.

Payroll and Admin. Front. Sara Middle. Sanying, Elaine Back. Susan      Corporate Estimating Dept. Front. Dustin, Nabieha, Araceli. Back. Dave, Cameron, Rick G, Adam, Hans.

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